Wednesday, 4 April 2007

UK Music Week

Commercial radio in the UK is working hard to ensure that both consumers and advertisers alike, see that there is some depth to the musical offering and that actually Radio 1 and Radio 2 is not the only place you'll get live music, new music etc. Shifting the "McRadio" perception of commercial radio is a long term strategy that will take time... however every initiative will play its part.

'UK Music Week' is an industry wide, collaborative effort designed to enhance the music image of stations, regardless of genres. It was launched this week to the record industry, who are also in an important transitional phase.

Working closely together to ensure that new artists are getting support from commercial radio and that commercial radio has access to some of the more established artists it has supported for many years, can only be a 'win win' situation for both industries.

UK Music Week certainly has some very strong concepts and creative threads running through it this year, and I'm certain that close collaboration will ensure that the radio listeners and record buyers are hooked in to this celebration of UK Music.