Tuesday, 15 October 2013

A Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Ray

Voodoo Ray by 'A Guy Called Gerald' has always been a favourite 'classic house' record of mine, from I first got a white label of it, back in Liverpool in 1988.

I always wondered how Gerald managed to get that hypnotic vocal sound and addictive bass line.

I need wonder no more!

Sound With Power

The new Mercedes-Benz TV ad - 'Sound With Power' is really clever.

Not quite sure what it tells us about the new E63 AMG engine, but the mash-up of sounds is really nicely done...

Anna F - DNA (Bounce Terrace Remix)

So - we've been busy in the studio working on a whole host of stuff. Here's another remix project from the studios of Bounce - this time it's for Anna F, who's signed to Universal, and her new song 'DNA', which we think is rather good!

You can watch the video for the original version / single here...