Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Power of Emotion

In my job, I often talk about the 'power of emotion' and how emotional content can really engage an audience.

It could be a listener telling an emotional story that provides contrast to your morning show, or a promo that can convey the emotion felt by someone attending a live gig, or a sporting event.

We're all driven by our emotions to a greater or lesser extend, and if, as a broadcaster, we can tap into a listeners emotions and connect with a certain feeling or empathise in a certain way, then our content will resonate even more with that audience.

And the power of emotion in your message can be really subtle too, just like this...

A powerful ad delivering a powerful message in an understated and emotional way.

That's great creative content.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Something Extra...

Can you offer your listeners something extra? Something that you know they'd want...

There are stacks of ideas out there that would work well... it's just that people sometimes don't really know they want something until it's presented to them.

Great creative ideas for radio are no different.

Bring something to your listeners that they will love... but they'd never tell you in a focus group... because you haven't done it yet.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

"To RAJAR Or Not To RAJAR..."

Normally on this auspicious date, I would write some observations on the latest RAJAR figures... however in a change to the scheduled programme, and in an over-analysed world, here is something completely different and wonderfully creative instead.



And remember... don't let numbers stifle creativity.