Wednesday, 9 May 2007

And the winner is...

Quite a bit happened in the UK radio world in April that deserved a mention, but I managed to develop a “backblog”… so, some honourable mentions (in May!) go to the following Sony winners.

Mike Toolan got a Bronze for the Breakfast Show Award. He’s just such a natural broadcaster who I've seen develop since the early 90’s back in the North West. I’m glad his show is sounding so good at the moment.

Great to see Five Live Breakfast picking up the news and Current Affairs Programme Gold. The show finds that consistent balance between hard news and entertaining presentation. It’s the naughty younger brother to The Today Programme and such a refreshing way of presenting current affairs.

Francis Currie picked up the award that probably should have gone to Mark Browning of Heart last year (but Richard Park pipped him to the post), that of Programmer of the Year. Well deserved, and if there’s a text book to write on having a radio brand being consistent, focused yet adaptable then Francis (and Mark) should write it!

Richard Maddock has done a great job at Radio City and I’m glad to see him recognised in the short list for that category too.

I have no idea what the “Hairy Fairy” promotion on Pirate FM was about, but it would get my vote just for the name!! A silver award on its way to Cornwall!

The Station Imaging Award is always a nice award to win, and Planet Rock took the honours… probably for having their tongue firmly in their cheek when they cast a rather clichéd, ‘deep rock’ voice to do their idents! Bring back Bill Mitchell…(difficult now he’s dead I appreciate).

And a blog about this years Sony’s is not complete without mention of Mr Evans. Two of the biggies – Entertainment and Music Radio Personality Golds! It’s fascinating to see how his show has completely changed in its appeal, yet Chris has remained… well… Chris. I was pleased to see that he really values these awards now (rather than give them away to a passing cab driver) and he appeared genuinely chuffed.

That’s the end of the virtual backslapping! It’s a great feeling to win Sony Gold and you instantly forget about what a pain in the arse they are to enter! Lose, and of course they “mean nothing”!

Win or lose, the Grosvenor House always seems to have enough alcohol to match your mood.

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