Thursday, 17 April 2008

Good Mood Marketing from Magic

Looking for a nice way to involve your listeners with your next TV campaign? Take a look at London’s Magic 105.4 and their latest offering that I've placed below. They call them “Good Mood Films”… and there’s even a dedicated website where listeners can get involved.

The ideas a simple yet very effective one. DJ’s ask listeners to send in original photos that make them smile. Lovely and simple. Then Magic pick some of the best ones, stick a Michael Buble song underneath them… and hey presto… a user generated content TV ad!

It’s a really nice way of getting listeners involved in the marketing of the station, and reinforcing the image that Magic is really a great “good mood” station. Those who submit photos will no doubt spread the word. Plus, people that take photos love nothing more than the opportunity of someone else seeing their work.

And I guess you don’t have to fork out loads to film a massive, all singing, all dancing TV ad too! When budget’s are tight, then creativity takes over!

I think it’s a beautifully simple bit of marketing that work for me. Right now I’m off to submit about 400 photos of my kids just to see if I can get them on the next ad. God... I've been hooked in...

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