Monday, 11 August 2008

Only 'Special' People Need Apply...

"It takes a special kind of person to consistently rise early and give the public the level of entertainment they expect each morning. Denise requested the opportunity to break her contract immediately and we obliged."

I quote from GCap’s statement on the departure of Capital Breakfast co-host Denise Van Outen.

So… no love lost there then? I thought the implication that Denise hasn’t got what it takes to get up in the morning and therefore isn’t very “special” was a little harsh, but hey… she started it by asking to leave!

But what next for once impregnable Breakfast Show for Capital Radio, London?

In my view, the show sounded much better with a strong female co-host. Johnny was less dominant and ‘the girls’ had someone to take their side / reflect their views. Lisa Snowdon who’s morphed from being “guest co host” to just featuring as “Capital Breakfast with Johnny Vaughan and Lisa Snowdon” started off a little static, but has warmed up as she’s got more ‘flying time’ under her belt.

Will she be the obvious choice as replacement? Will they get another co-host at all? And how will the audience react to another change to the station? Trying not to fiddle with your morning show too much is one of the cardinal rules, so I anticipate a little bit of churn as a result of her departure and the arrival of someone new. And accepting the job of co-host to Johnny is a little bit of a poison chalice really. Becky Jago… Zoe Hanson… and now Denise Van Outen have all ‘left the building’. Maybe they should go for Neil Fox next??

We shall see in due course what the Plan B was, however it had been rumoured for some time that keeping Denise at Capital was going to be tricky come the end of her contract. Looks like we didn’t have top wait that long!

It’s worth noting that Denise’s agents refute the allegation also included in the GCap statement that the early starts were impacting on Denise’s health, and are apparently seeking legal advice! Just wanted to make that clear!!! Denise is fit and well everyone. Although ITV1's “Who Dares Sings” is enough to put anyone in a coma…

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