Tuesday, 27 January 2009

'Every Car You Chase'

It’s nice to surprise your audience once in a while with a piece of music that creates a debate or causes a bit of a stir. One of my friends recently posted a link on Facebook to this YouTube video of a mashup that’s being doing the rounds for about a year it seems... but it’s the first time I’ve come across it to be honest with you.

If your format permits it (and playing The Police or Snow Patrol won’t send listeners into some sort of toxic shock), it might be nice to give this a spin on the radio and see what listeners think? Two iconic record... a ‘classic’ and a ‘modern classic’... mashed up together... it’s bound to cause some reaction – either really positive or really negative.

In a world flooded by content, (much of it uninspiring)... creating or playing something that provides a ‘standout moment’ and causes a reaction, good or bad, is a valuable thing to do. Make your audience sit up and take notice of you. It’s better than sitting in the shadows of those that do it regularly.

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Anonymous said...

I love mash ups and I hadn't seen that one before.
Last year one Sunday afternoon German public radio station Bayern 3 played Queen's We will rock you mashed with Joan Jett's I love rock'n'roll and me and some co-workers were talking about it the next day and searching for similar stuff on YouTube.
So, I'm all for mash ups on the radio!
Best, Sonja from Brand Support