Thursday, 26 March 2009


As the world of radio, online, social networking, mobile and audio entertainment seem to merge daily into an amorphous glob of content, there are always new things that grab your attention. Some of them will be good, and some less good! But here’s something that caught my eye today that I thought I’d share.

I’m deeply in love with my iPhone and I’m not alone in seeing the potential of Apps and the relevance to today’s radio world.

It's called ‘AudioBoo’ and it’s basically an iPhone audio blogging app. So, think of Twitter, but instead of being limited to a fixed number of characters to let people know what you’re up to, you have 3 minutes of audio to record! You hit a button to record, and then publish it when you’ve finished and then anyone who wants can listen to it either via the App or via the website. You can add photos and geo-location data too, which gives it lots of potential. And you can link it to Facebook (and soon to Twitter too)

It’s like a mini broadcast platform really! At the moment, it’s still in development phase, and there’s lots of people ‘booing’ things like them whistling, and recording themselves doing a test etc, however, I’m sure over time the users will find the best way to make use of it.

As I’m writing this, someone has just ‘boo’d’ (if that's the right phrase) from the stage door of a Lionel Richie gig waiting for Lionel to come out. It was like a little 30 second colour piece by a reporter! Brilliant!

Technology has really democratised media hasn’t it. But surely, in the world of radio, we stand a better chance than most of understanding how to make interesting audio that people will want to hear?

I can imagine a breakfast / morning show host using this to keep loyal fans in touch with what he or she was doing during the day by recording little ‘boos’ for them. A jock can do a link now whenever they want right into their iPhone, post it, and people will hear it! No more waiting till 6am the next morning!!

In the same way as Twitter has worked for celebrities, I wonder if this kind of idea could be of interest to us engaged in the world of radio / online / mobile / audio entertainment... or whatever business you think you’re in currently!

I really like the Audioboo concept. Let me know if you have any smart ideas on how radio stations could use an app like this and we'll share them...

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Marcus said...

Thanks for the review Nik. We've only been launched 2 weeks so bear with us as we continue to improve the experience. So so you know, Twitter integration already works - just go to the Settings link to auto-post to your Twitter feed.

Next up is a live mp3 stream of all boos and then hopefully (investment permitting) the ability to listen to streams based on location or tag. Will keep you posted.