Friday, 2 October 2009

They're Absolutely 1 Year Old...

Happy 1st Birthday to all the team at Absolute Radio!

There’s no doubt that they’ve done an enormous amount to establish their own brand identity in the first 12 months. I think they’ve done a great job in creating some fantastic content... not just great radio. Absolute are a company who understand the seismic shift taking place in the way media is now being consumed, and want to ensure their brand of audio and music based entertainment won’t be left behind in the ‘content land grab’ that’s going on every single day.

If there’s a current good example of a forward thinking ‘traditional’ media company in the UK, then they would be up there.
Well done guys...

Here’s a video showcasing their ‘best bits’.


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Producer Emma said...

That montage really makes me want to listen to Absolute, which I've not done before. Amazing.