Thursday, 4 November 2010

Russell At His Best

Some of the best radio is when naturally entertaining poeple just talk... and one subject leads to another. Take a look at this clip of Russell Brand recording his show for TalkSport, and see how they get from reading a basic news story in the local paper about someone impersonating a policeman... to discussing the Nazis.

It's a great bit of radio and obviously relies heavily on Russell's unique talents, but the roles that Matt Morgan and Noel Gallagher play are actually really important in the whole thing too. Noel has 2 short, yet really important interventions and comments, and Matt plays the part of "questioning sidekick" really well. Radio is at its best when it can be this natural... and you don't need a big expensive studio to do it in either! Recording it in some backstage dressing room will do just fine!

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