Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Global buys GMG Radio. Top 10 Do's and Don'ts

So as Global prepare to sink their teeth into GMG as part of their... well 'global' domination strategy, here are a few thoughts about some of the “Do’s and Don’ts” if you currently work for GMG Radio. In fact, fuck it... it’s a Top 10 List!

Some of them are fairly sensible pieces of advice. Others perhaps less so...

10. Do accept that change happens and nothing stays the same forever
9. Do spend some time thinking about how things may realistically pan out for you personally
8. Do have a Plan B. Start to map out other options just in case and always ‘protect for the downside’
7. Do encourage your managers to share as much information as they can with you about what’s going on
6. Do PR yourself internally a bit and ensure others know how essential you are to the company, whatever your role
5. Do some networking. Get back in touch with a few mates in the industry
4. Do continue to focus on your current role. Keeping busy somehow helps make change feel less dramatic
3. Do tidy up your desk. If your workstation looks like a shithole, you’ll be the first to get fired. Guaranteed
2. Do “backup” all the stuff you may find useful in future, just in case you’re forced to make a non-planned, sharp exit
1. Do delete all dodgy porn sites from your browsing history. Especially the Tulisa video

10. Don’t speculate wildly about the future plans. It gets you nowhere
9. Don’t lose sleep. You need to be on the top of your game for the next few months, and just it’s not worth it
8. Don’t think the company performing the takeover are “the enemy”. It’s not very productive
7. Don’t slag your new owners off loudly in the office. Keep any personal thoughts you have, to air at home
6. Don’t be too sentimental about the past. Look forward
5. Don’t try and ‘brown-nose’ prospective new managers. No-one likes a ‘kiss-ass’
4. Don’t practise saying the new station name whilst driving in your car. There’ll be plenty of time for that
3. Don’t have an Ashley Tabor poster as a dartboard in the newsroom. There’ll be plenty of time for that
2. Don’t hide a rotting fish behind a radiator on your last day, if you’re ‘let go’. You’re not in a 1978 ITV sitcom
1. Don’t cry like Foxy did when he left Capital. It sounds ‘well crap’ when you listen back years later

Remember – in life, you can’t change the cards you are dealt... only how you play the hand.

Good luck.

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Anonymous said...

Very good Nik...never a true word spoken!