Friday, 27 July 2012

The Drugs Don't Work

With the Olympics upon us, there's all sorts of fun you can have on your radio station with Olympic themed content. From the classics like "Name That Anthem" and "Office Olympics" through to some more innovative bits of content.

One which stood out for me over the last week was a station that got its main host to take a performance enhancing drug (albeit a legal one) contained in a supplement powder... and then measured his performance before, and after. Really nice idea. Do the drugs work?

So, which cutting edge, out there, alternative format would pull a stunt like this? Surely some radical American or Australian station pushing the boundaries of acceptability on breakfast radio?

Nope. BBC Radio 5 Live. That's who.

And with all the compliance that the BBC have to go through, full marks to them for getting the idea on air.

Here's how it panned out.

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