Wednesday, 29 August 2012

How To Do A Great Interview...

Interviewing a band can be quite a boring experience for both the band and the listener. This is mainly because the band have usually been asked all the same questions beforehand, and there’s nothing really new to stimulate them.

The listener gets a bit bored because, unless you’re a big fan of the band, the ‘route most travelled’ is strewn with cliché and predictability.

So, how do you interview a famous band and give it a different angle?

That was the challenge that Danish comedian Brian Mørk had when interviewing Coldplay in Denmark recently.

First off, Brian is pretty famous in Denmark with his own TV shows and a great stand-up career. He used to write for the morning show at Radio 100 I seem to remember.

He’s a creative guy, so his technique to shape the interview via quoting Tweets about the band is a great vehicle. Might have been done before maybe, but I’ve not seen a whole interview done like this .

It works really well, and you can see how the band seem to really enjoy the process as it unfolds. (Apart from Guy on the end who never says anything in interviews anyway)

The technique creates some really great moments as you'll see, and it’s nice how the flow of the interview shifts from 'funny' to 'genuinely insightful' time and time again.

Being for the Danish market, you can swear as much as you like as they don’t really care about that over there. And the content is pretty liberal (‘Raping dogs’ for example!). Not sure Jonathan Ross would get away with that these days. Not since... well... you know...

Finally, before I urge you to watch the whole thing... remember that English is a second language for Brian. So hats off to his laid back style, his genuine humour, and his ability to pull off a great bit of TV.

He’s done a better job than a lot of British TV hosts could have done.


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