Thursday, 22 February 2007

Bam Bam on Capital Radio?

Is Bam Bam bound for Capital?

That was the claim made by an article on Media Guardian this week.

"Capital bosses are currently in negotiations with the DJ about fronting a high-profile show on the London station." according to John Plunkett, who penned the piece.

Having more than just a passing interest in both Bam Bam and Capital, this is a story that got my attention!

Capital's move back to a 'hit music' position to attract a younger audience is well underway and it's no great industry secret that Bam Bam attracts younger listeners in their droves. You only have to look at the success of Kiss 100, and when the station was at it's peak, and delivered 1.7 Million listeners a week, his show was on fire. We can't underestimate the role that Bam Bam's show had in the success of building the Kiss brand.

Yes, it all went a bit wrong at the end... record fines for the show, an 'abject failure' in being able to manage talent by EMAP, etc etc... but the fact remains that Bam Bam is still an extraordinarily talented and creative broadcaster.

He still plies his unique brand of radio with his daily podcast on, and it's good stuff. Take a listen.

So, would he work on Capital? (The station he pilloried mercilessly on Kiss!)

Well, I think it could, if the team at Capital think about the following: (I've put together a handy 5 point guide for them!)

1. Employ creative people to be creative. Don't try and fit them into a pre-determined box or change them to do something their not comfortable with. It'll sound forced.

2. Get the right production team in place with a really strong, producer. Bam is a guy who needs good support, and although he's his own biggest critic, he needs someone to filter the wheat from the chaff. (And he does like to get his own way!)

3. Prepare for a bit of flak. Don't ask a presenter to go out there and make noise in the market place, and then go running at the first sign of a red letter head from Ofcom. Defend what is defensible, and believe in the show.

4. However, draw a few lines in the sand, so he know what'll wash... and what won't. He an intelligent chap and although he'll push it, he no fool! But a few boundaries are advisable!

5. Acknowledge that he's a 'strong taste' presenter. Not everyone likes his style, but better to evoke some reaction in a listener than be 'purveyors of bland' I say.

I hope the rumours are true. I'd love to hear Bam Bam on Capital. It would really shake things up a bit. (Which daypart is a whole other question!)

Investing in creative, innovative and talent broadcasters is what commercial radio (and Capital) should be doing right now.

Let's just hope the "Phone Box" game doesn't resurface! I'm not sure Ralph Bernard would quite get that one.

PS. Email me if you'd like the full mechanic!!!

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