Thursday, 15 February 2007

Chrysalis... ready for flight

So Chrysalis Radio is up for grabs then.

The interesting thing will be to see what happens next. If GMG swoop, then that could make for a nice little portfolio of Smooth, Real, Heart, Galaxy... and our current favourite.... Rock Talk!

And of course there are the foreigners... CanWest, who seem to love it in the UK, maybe Emmis, who have some excellent stations across Europe. What about SBS even? Who knows. The trouble with UK radio assets is that they've long been quite highly priced compared to the rest of the world, so that has kept a few of our foreign friends at bay... for the time being.

One possible outcome is to break it up and sell it in parts! GMG would have Heart, thank you very much. Emap would have Galaxy and turn it into Kiss... etc... etc...

The good ole management buyout, which is always a favourite, could also be on the cards, and I'm sure there's a bank somewhere that'll lend £200 Million!

Whoever it goes to and whatever happens, there's no doubting that the guys at Chrysalis (Francis Currie / Pete Simmons etc) have done a great job, and have a set of stations to be very proud of. I hope the new owners don't do that classic mistake of saying... "Right... we've got control of the trainset.... now lets change everything, just coz we can!"

It's happened before!

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