Monday, 12 March 2007

Capital Radio-ish

One of the biggest changes a radio station can make is change its name. But when’s a name change actually a name change… and when is it just a bit of tinkering?

Well – Capital Radio have just gone through another one. Just over a year ago, the station re-branded to “Capital Radio” and today they announced that they’re changing again to “Capital 95.8”.


To coincide with the re-brand, there’s also a shiny new logo. And a new TV ad as well! Now, we all know stations that have great logos and sound rubbish… and stations that have rubbish logos that sound brilliant, so I don’t think the change of logo will decide the fate of the station for the next few years. However, those cheeky monkeys at The Guardian had something to say about it!

And I quote:

“Is it just Monkey, or does the logo for Capital Radio's expensive new re-brand look disconcertingly like a length of old rope? Now we hesitate to suggest that's what GCap has paid for - money for old rope - but we should be thankful that the geography of the River Thames isn't more noose shaped. Now that really would have been inappropriate.”

Now now!

The TV ad has some great songs on it and aims to regain some musical credibility for the station. The ad does feel very “sub-30 male focused”, (with music from The Fratelli’s, Paulo Nutini etc… and a pair of bouncing breasts!)… It’s a difficult position to be in in the London market. Time will tell if it’s the right move.

As for the change to “Capital 95.8”, the inclusion of 95.8 seems a little redundant in the digital age, where more and more people are listening online and via DAB. Would just plain ole “Capital” suffice?

I took a listen today. The new production sounded great, and the music was excellent, and firmly focused at 15-30 year olds.

So, let’s see if this latest incarnation of a ‘youthful’ Capital will do the trick… and with the addition of Bam Bam too… but more on that later!

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