Friday, 23 March 2007

A Smooth Transition?

The London radio market will have another 'new sound' from next week as Smooth Radio takes to the airwaves. OK - it's a rebrand / relaunch from Smooth FM, which was Jazz FM etc etc... so how as a station originally licenced for Jazz morphed into something completely different....but let's not get into all that now!

What will interesting is to see how the musical DNA of this particular Smooth station is made up. The PR puff says that...

"Music is at the heart of Smooth Radio. This is a brand that plays all of the classic popular music picked from a wider time span than most other national and local radio stations. While others may pitch their programming for a young audience mainly interested in chart or urban music, Smooth Radio is filling the gap.

Smooth offers mature listeners a relaxing experience, mixing new music with classics that will be instantly familiar. Every era of pop is represented. The playlist features artists from Buddy Holly, The Beatles, Diana Ross, The Eagles, and Smokey Robinson to Elton John, Rod Steward and Simply Red."

The real litmus test will be to see how it compares musically to BBC Radio 2, as they've stated that that's the audience they're after, particularly over 50's. One of the reasons Ofcom agreed was that GMG stated they would propose musical content that was different from that of existing stations.

One has a sneaking suspicion they wouldn't mind some of Magic's audience, and in their response to the Ofcom consultation regarding the change, EMAP were concerned and said that " was inevitable there will be overspill into neighbouring areas."

We shall see how much overspill there is next and week, and find out how much of a challenge to Radio 2, Smooth Radio will become.
Bet you it sounds like Magic minus Snow Patrol!!

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