Monday, 31 January 2011

Radio 100 - Refresh!

Congratulations to all the team at client station, Radio 100 in Denmark who have just pulled off the neat trick of launching a new morning show, a new daytime show, a new afternoon show, a new jingle package, a new station voice... and a shiny new logo too!

You can hear their efforts at

Refreshing your brand and ‘product line’ is as applicable for radio station as it is for any consumer brand.

Consistency can become mundane over time.

A predictable format can become unsurprising for the listeners without development.

And as the world changes at ever increasing speeds and your brand stays the same, will it be left behind?

Possibly – yes. And certainly, if it’s not given some development and the occasional refresh. So don't stand still. Evolve!

So have a think about your station. What are the bits that are just great, and need no real attention. And what are the bits that if you had your way, could do with a ‘lick of paint’?

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