Monday, 7 February 2011

"Turn Up The Bass!"

“Can you make us sound the loudest on the dial?”

This is a common question that programmers often ask radio engineers when it comes to processing. But is ‘loudness’ important or is that just a very crude way of looking at it?

And do audiences notice or even care, as long as they can hear the station, and it doesn’t sound rubbish?

The issue of ‘processing’ has been tackled by this week’s Radio Academy podcast, ‘RadioTalk’, which is available to listen to right now.

Why am I telling you this? Well... I was asked to contribute to the debate and so last week while I was in Denmark, I jumped in a studio and discussed it ‘down the line’ with RadioTalk host Trevor Dann.

You can listen to the whole programme here, and even if you’re only mildly interested in this sort of thing, it’s a fascinating listen. There are great contributors, much more technically qualified than myself, discussing the pros and cons of the world of processing and if you want to get an insight into the thoughts of the top engineers from the BBC and commercial sector in the UK, now’s your chance!

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