Saturday, 26 February 2011

"We Are The Future"

I’m at a meeting of World DMB in Paris next week. World DMB? What’s that I hear you say?

According to their website, they are “...responsible for defining the standards of the Eureka-147 family which includes DAB and DAB+ for digital radio and DMB for radio and mobile TV."

They also promote “...the awareness, adoption and implementation of these services around the world. We work with sound and data broadcasters, network providers, manufacturers, governments and official bodies to encourage international co-operation and a smooth, coordinated roll-out of services.”

So basically, it’s their job to spread the word about the benefits of DAB / DAB+ digital radio to markets around the world. And they have regular meetings with their members and non-members to discuss the broad topic ‘digital radio’ rollout.

I’ve been kindly invited and talk to them about some success stories in commercial radio in Europe, and am looking forward to discussing a few case studies showing what I belive are the simple principles behind audience growth. Do these certain things, and your station will grow!

I was mentioning my forthcoming trip to someone who is still quite skeptical of a the need for radio to enter into the digital world or be part of a multi-platform future with a strong digital backbone. “Isn’t FM good enough for the future?” he said.

“Not really, if commercial radio wants to still have a viable business model in 10-20 years time” I said.

He gave me a puzzled look.

“It’s about what the advertisers will want from radio in the future” I carried on... “And if radio doesn’t offer it, they’ll simply go elsewhere”.

I then played him this...

And he smiled, and said. “Ahh. I see what you mean now”

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