Sunday, 5 June 2011

"The Hills Are Alive..."

I had a bit of a ‘half term break’ in Austria with the family last week. Nothing like a good bit of “mountain air” to cleanse the mind!

While I was away, I tried not to think too much about radio and media related stuff, as everyone should have a little bit of ‘downtime’ to recharge the batteries.

So on Day 1, in the local tourist information office, I thought I’d pick up the bus timetable to check on the times of buses to Salzburg.

(A regular and delightfully punctual service between Bad Reichenhall and Salzburg you’ll be pleased to know!)

And there on the back of the timetable...

... and advert for ORF’s local offering in Salzburg... Radio Salzburg.

(ORF is the Austrian Public Service Broadcaster)

There’s 2 things I liked about this ad.

First, the placement. What better place to reinforce your local credentials other than on the back of the local bus timetable. It says “connected” and “unpretentious” to me.

Second, the strapline. “Wo ich daheim bin”... translates as “Where I’m at home”. It’s a really good piece of communication that shows the radio station is close to the listener in terms of ‘emotion’ as well as geography in a simple yet effective way.

So, despite my best efforts to not think about radio and the media for at least a week, I’m afraid I failed miserably! But I’m kinda happy I did, as I like radio station marketing like this.

Is your station being marketed in the right places? Remember – sometimes ‘context’ is everything.

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