Wednesday, 16 January 2008

"Float...Float... Float On"

In a crowded radio market, it’s often new and different angles on classic ideas that grab the audience’s attention. What are the things that would make you say “Wow – that’s a fun idea”… or “That’s different”. Ultimately, what makes people notice something in a sea of available content?

Virgin Radio in the UK have just delivered one of those moments for me. I’m sure we all appreciate the classic idea of getting an artist to perform an ‘up close and personal’ gig to a select number of prize-winners. It’s tried and tested. How can you make it different? Well… varying the venue is the easiest way. Bring the artist to a listener’s house, take them to a local pub, go busking with them on the Subway. There are lots of variations.

The one which caught my eye this week was getting the great singer / songwriter Newton Faulkner to perform “Unplugged and Airborne”. Take the artist, some lucky winners, a DJ and a film crew up in a hot air balloon… and fly it over the Swiss Alps. “

“Wow – that’s fun idea!”

Its things like this that get radio stations noticed, talked about and add to the brand image. Think about what twist on a classic idea you could run on your station and have the confidence to make it happen. I’d love to hear of other great examples like this.

Well done Virgin Radio. A nice bit of attention grabbing radio. The session isn’t bad either! Take a look for yourself...

'Unplugged and Airborne' by Newton Faulkner

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