Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Worst Positioning Statement in UK Radio...

With the Oscars ceremony just around the corner (possibly!) and Hollywood in full flight with the ‘awards season’ it seems fitting to present an award myself… the "Worst Positioning Statement in UK Radio" award.

And the winner is… (drum roll sfx)… new community station Preston FM! And what is the brilliant and inspiring positioning statement that they’ve come up with?
“Preston FM – Stay Pressed On”.

I’m sorry guys… but come on!!! ‘Stay Pressed On’? For crying out loud!!

Not only is it a bad pun… (Preston / Pressed On), it doesn’t really work either. I’ve never been in a meeting at any radio station where we’ve said… “yeah… we’ve got to keep our listeners pressed on a bit more”. Tuned In… turned on… all of the clichés have been done, but ‘pressed on’? It sounds like some sort of strapline for a feminine hygiene product!!

As an open appeal to, what are I’m sure the very nice people behind the community radio station Preston FM... please reconsider. Please! I’ll quite happily give you 5 suitably generic positioning statements for your community station… but don’t go to air with that one!

(OK – I think I’ve made my point)

Your award is in the post.

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