Friday, 18 January 2008

RadioCentre Training Days

One of the recent developments that has been really good for the UK commercial radio industry has been the creation of an umbrella trade body called ‘RadioCentre’. RadioCentre formed in July 2006 from the merger of the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) and the Commercial Radio Companies Association (CRCA). Its members consist of the overwhelming majority of UK Commercial Radio stations who also fund the organisation.

RadioCentre do a whole host of things for commercial radio, one of which is provide training for presenters and programmers alike. For many years, people working in commercial radio really only got training just “doing the job”, but there’s now, fortunately, an understanding that if we want a healthy and vibrant industry, we need to ensure we’re sharing as much knowledge as possible and developing our presenters and programmers.

I’ve been asked by the excellent guys at ‘United Radio’ (who provide some of the training days) to host a couple of sessions as part of RadioCentre’s 2008 training programme.

If you’re interested, here are the details:

Advanced Presenter Coaching – 25th February 2008 (London)
This is a one-day seminar aimed at Programme Controllers / Programme Directors, Producers, and any one who is directly involved in coaching on-air talent. Investing time in developing talent is one of the most important areas within programming, but is often overlooked. How do you get the best out of your presenters? How do you manage big egos as well as focusing on developing promising new talent? What are the most effective ways of providing feedback to your presenters? This seminar covers specific tips and techniques for coaching presenters and provides programmers with a useful and practical advice that will help them develop their talent.

How to be a better presenter… - 20th March 2008 (Bristol)
This is a one-day seminar aimed at presenters broadcasting in small to medium size markets, on all dayparts. In a crowded radio market, how do you make your shows stand out from the rest? When you have fewer resources than the big guys, what are some of the ideas you can use to make your show sound bigger and better. This practical seminar covers specific tips, tricks and techniques for making listeners listen longer - and keeping coming back for more.

Each seminar costs £110 (...a bloody bargin if you ask me!!) and if you’d like to attend, you should email the lovely Lucy Forster at RadioCentre ( In the great tradition of things like this… book early as places are limited!!

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