Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Image FM

So in the world of The Long Tail, there's infinate opportunity to do niche products and indeed niche radio stations. Just yesterday I was listening to an All Michael Jackson station that popped up on my Pure Sensia. They were playing Michael Jackson funnily enough.

Well how about a station that appeals to... Radio Producers and Imaging Directors!!

Look no further. It's called Image-FM!

Their plan is to create a radio station that collects great imaging from stations around the world, and play it for others to hear. I'm led to believe there'll be a few records too... so your ears don't start to bleed after 5 minutes, but what a nice idea.

Here's a sweeper from them!


You can read more details on their website which includes info on how to submit stuff to be played out.

But imaging is just a form of niche content in a way... and so instead of being force fed the latest showbiz news or hearing a rather overly edited caller telling you which station they love, producers can settle down with a cup of tea, turn on Image FM and maybe get inspired by great imaging from around the world.

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