Wednesday, 12 October 2011

"The Magic Behind Magic"

Ask a listener what the main reasons are they to listen their favourite any radio station, and they’ll usually give you a variety of answers.

Often the answers they give say a lot about how successful that station is about communicating their core message.

Clarity is key when communicating any message, and if an audience can gravitate around one main theme, then you probably doing something very right.

I recently did a session at 'Radiodays Denmark' with Magic 105.4 PD, Pete Simmons. We discussed the ‘magic behind magic’, and why it was such a successful radio station.

When Magic listeners were asked “What are the main reasons you listen to Magic 105.4?”... these were the top 5 reasons they gave...

1. It’s relaxing to listen to
2. It plays music I know and love
3. It plays music to put me in a good mood
4. It plays the best songs for my taste
5. It plays the most music, with least talk

Here’s a radio station which is clear in its purpose, focused in its strategy, and executing it continuously well with a quality product.

Listeners know what the brand does and it’s reliable in delivering that. The music quantity, lack of clutter and the mood enhancing qualities of the station have lifted it to the Number 1 Commercial Station in London, and the station currently has more listeners than any other music station in London including the BBC! No mean feat.

So if you asked your listeners what are the main reasons they listen to your station, would there be a few clear themes that their answers cluster around?

In the over-communicated world, stand for something; then clearly communicate what that is. And if you stand for something that consumers want, then you’re on the right road.

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